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The latest news in rehabilitation is a portal providing the latest news in rehabilitation. With the information, event calendar and articles available on the website keep you up-to-date with what’s new in the field of rehabilitation. Its research database gives access to comprehensive project and research information. is maintained by the Rehabilitation Foundation, and it is aimed at research and development professionals, rehabilitation service providers, organisations and the public looking for information on rehabilitation. The portal is partly funded by the Finnish Slot Machine Association RAY. gathers rehabilitation information produced by associations and other organisations in one portal and serves as an important source of expertise. The website includes sections for news, events, columns and topical articles. The website also has journalistic content.

The research and project database includes information on research and projects carried out in the field of rehabilitation and other materials relevant to the field. Most of the publications are available in an electronic format from the database.

You can also subscribe to a monthly newsletter via the website.

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