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Yhteisömedia – kuntoutumisen tarinat eläväksi

Yhteisömediamme kokoaa yhteen kuntoutumisen tarinoita. Kuntoutumisesta kertovat niin asiantuntijat ja tutkijat kuin palveluiden tuottajat ja työ- ja toimintakykyään parantavat ihmiset itse. Julkaisemme uusia kuntoutumisen tarinoita vuoden 2021 aikana.

Thoughts on these exceptional times and working from home at rehabilitative work

What feelings and thoughts have you had about the state of emergency and starting a remote activity?

”This is a special state of emergency which seldom happens during our life, it is pandemic over the world and dangerous for everyone, especially for older people. Many infected people were died, and quite of the infected people got serious sequelae due to damaged internal organs. By now, there is no effective drugs for this disease  and it can spead very fast.  It is very easy to be infected while people are very close to each other in a closed enviroment and cough, sneeze, touch the infected items and mean while  touch own eyes, mouths or noses.  Due to these, the remote activity is very necessary to replace the face to face practical work. The remote work is a very good way to be able to do the work and avoid to be infected by the pandemic. As I know there are many companies which plan using remote work until the end of this year. In my opinion, it is wise and important to continute to do remote activity and see what happens for the infected people data and see the trends and then make a decition.”

What challenges has it brought?

”The challenge is that we can not use the good quality labtop to learn and lack of physical exercise and not able to have social life. For me, if face to face, I can also ask directly to the speaker more and get more support.”

Has it brought anything good into your life?

”The experience of the pandemic over the world is a special experience. It lets me to cherish life, cherish health which we have, cherish the frienship, family and cherish time. Cherish what we had and disregard before. The remote activity is still quite useful and can help to learn more than 80% thing comparing to face to face way. It help us to work regular and have a better life style and keep us healthy both in body and in spirit as we need communicate with people while have to stay at home.”

What hopes do you have for the present and the future?

”At the moment the situation is unclear. I hope the pandemic can be controled well enough in Finland and people can be safe to work and live as normal as before. I hope at least we can continute do the remote activities. For the quality computer, I hope at the moment, I can borrow from Kuntoutusaatio and use at home to be able to effectively learn remotely. And may be we can teach how to apply job, tips for interview, to improve the skills to interview.”

What increases your motivation and sense of belonging when not being face to face but distant together?

”I think the interesting topics of science, knowledge and useful skills training and discussion which can improve the ability to return to real work and can increase motivation and sense of belonging.”




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