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Yhteisömediamme kokoaa yhteen kuntoutumisen tarinoita. Kuntoutumisesta kertovat niin asiantuntijat ja tutkijat kuin palveluiden tuottajat ja työ- ja toimintakykyään parantavat ihmiset itse. Julkaisemme uusia kuntoutumisen tarinoita vuoden 2021 aikana.

Challenge to beat

It came onto us like thieves in the night,
it just doesn’t seem right.
However much you try to use logic,
this virus is like a rubik’s cubic.
Everyone of us is just trying to hustle
until the world’s best brains solve this puzzle.

It causes so many feelings hard to describe,
it creates vacuums in time.
None of us can hide from it even if we try,
we keep seeing too many deaths to even buy
the stories that we are all safe.

I wish this was rather a hurricane ,
predictability keeps human kind sane.
Even hurricanes take mankind to the other side,
but the count of lives lost is still capable to bite
and chew on it as it is the way of life.

No country has been able to escape covid-19.
It’s something that world has not seen
for a long time, especially in a country like Finland.
It’s ofcourse different in places where there is sand.
Those places we call the 3rd world,
but they have been thriving through so many havocs unheard.
Maybe, just maybe, we should learn from them,
how to be resilient, patient and grieve.
Yet never put down our sword, but grow a fleet.
To still enjoy the moments in our lives,
to dance away the sorrow in our eyes,
to thinks about us more like a hive,
in order to work together to strive.

Corona just happens to be the challenge to beat,
next time it is something else that causes heat.
It’s the challenges that make us either grow
or we let it crash our world and blow
us into eternity of crying out,
when we can still enjoy our lives with the attitude of shouting loud.
Corona cannot make us silent.
We still have our voices, expressions and thoughts to mend.




Julkaistu: 7.10.2020
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