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The Society of Research in Rehabilitation meeting

03.02.2015 - 04.02.2015 | University of Manchester

Ten years of NIHR funding has given rehabilitation researchers the opportunity for much more ambitious studies than ever before – but with mixed results. What does the next 10 years hold? How could or should we take rehabilitation forward? This conference gives opportunity to debate, deliberate and decide with leaders and peers in the field. Plus hearing all the latest findings.

Hosted by Professor Sarah Tyson

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Welcome—Professor Sarah Tyson, Professor of Rehabilitation, University of Manchester

Symposium: Rehabilitation Research: Time for a Radical Rethink?

‘Top tips and handy hints for successful rehabilitation trials’

Professor Sallie Lamb – Professor of Rehabilitation, University of Warwick

‘There’s more to life than the RCT: alternative designs to evaluate complex interventions’

Professor Trish Greenhalgh – Professor of Primary Health Care and Dean for Research Impact, Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry

‘What can the Clinical Research Networks do for rehabilitation research?

Professor Martin Gibson – Director Greater Manchester NIHR Clinical Research Network, University of Manchester

“Question time” The future of Rehabilitation Research (all speakers)

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