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The 16th Annual RIMS Conference

13.05.2011 - 15.05.2011 | Turku

The 16th Annual RIMS Conference will be held in Turku, Finland. Turku is the European Capital of Culture 2011. This time the conference has along the scientific program two major reasons to celebrate: the Finnish MS Society 40 year’s and RIMS 20 year’s anniversary.

It is a pleasure to invite you to Finland on this occasion on 13-14 May 2011. The theme for the conference is Lifelong perspective: Rehabilitation for MS patients with complex needs.

RIMS is a network of European centres dedicated to research, care and rehabilitation in the field of Multiple Sclerosis. The conference offers a unique opportunity to connect with colleagues from several European countries. International opinion leaders and experts involved in the management of Multiple Sclerosis will address the following issues: Age and MS, The safety profile of current and emerging MS drugs, Compliance and patient education, Research in MS physiotherapy and Rehabilitation guidelines. The conference will be a great opportunity to present and discuss original studies and posters. Like previous years, the best RIMS oral and best RIMS poster will be given awards.

Eija Luoto, President, Finnish MS Society
Helena Ylikylä-Leiva, Chief Executive Officer, Scientific committee
Juhani Ruutiainen, MD, Chairman


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