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RI Commission of Work and Employment (WAE)

11.03.2012 - 12.03.2012 | Helsinki

(draft of January 11, 2012)

1. Reports (regions, countries)
2. Position Paper on WAE (Friedrich Mehrhoff)
3. WAE Products
• Job Retention Seminar (Friedrich Mehrhoff)
• Academic Programs “Rehabilitation Counselor” or “Disability Manager” (Madan Kundu / Wolfgang Zimmermann)
• Job-related Criteria for Mental Health Disorders (Lee Ann Rawlins)
4. Job Creation Approach of Severely Disabled and chances of Abilympic movement (Juha Mikkola / Chikako Kohyama)
5. From Sheltered to Open Employment for People with Disabilities (Siobhan Barron)
6. Research issues in WAE: Incentives, minimum wages, assessments in vocational reha-bilitation, quota system, benefits (Siobhan Barron, Veijo Notkola)
7. Topics in collaboration with other RI Commissions
• Medical experts and their role in WAE (Friedrich Mehrhoff)
• Assistive Technologies and barrier-free working places (Dusan Simsik)
• From Education to Work – support for a future-orientated life (Uma Tuli)
8. Discussion of priorities: Action Plan of RI WAE Commission (Madan Kundu / Friedrich Mehrhoff)
9. Directory of Members and additional experts for RI WAE Commission
10. Agenda for the Commission meeting in Incheon, November 2012
11. Miscellaneous
12. Next meeting

If You are interested to join, please contact:
Juha Mikkola
Managing Director
The Finnish Insurance Rehabilitation Association
Hämeentie 19 B
00500 Helsinki
Tel: +358 (44) 700 2010

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