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Public Health and Welfare

09.11.2011 - 13.11.2011 | Copehagen, Bella Centre

Public health contributes to welfare by means of health promotion, health protection, diseases prevention and health services. Such interventions represent investments in a better health and better life for populations – a contribution to welfare. At the same time, they contribute to a healthy labour force.

The reverse relationship between welfare and health is also a well documented historic fact. In particular wealth and economic well-being is one of the determinants of health, but this holds for other aspects of welfare as well – material as well as immaterial.

During plenary sessions, we intend to give examples of the mutual relationship between public health and welfare – welfare development and public health.

During the parallel programme all aspects of public health are presented, discussed and commented in the 65 oral sessions and 60 moderated poster sessions.

The following speakers are participating in the plenary programme:

Sir Michael Marmot, UK, will be talking about reducing inequality in health in Europe.
Zsuzsana Jakab, Regional Director of WHO/EURO, will reflect on this speech from a WHO point of view.
Gösta Esping Andersen , Spain, will be giving a comparative overview of European welfare systems, with special emphasis on public health and health care on their impact on family and child welfare.
Tom Kirkwood , UK, will be focussing on the elderly population in Europe and the contribution of preventive and curative health services to health, quality of life and welfare of the elderly popuatlion
Jorn Olsen , Denmark
Camilla Stoltenberg , Norway
Olle Lundberg , Sweden
Elina Hemminki , Finland
These four presenters will be talking on Scandinavian experiences and approaches on using individually linked population-based registers in research focusing on the interrelationship between health and welfare
Antoine Flahault , France
Vesna Bjegovic-Mikanovic , Serbia
Kasja Czabanowska , The Netherlands
Stephen Shortell , Unites States
Josep Figueras , European Observatory on health systems and policies
These five presenters will be debating on key policy issues around public health training and education
Mogens Lykketoft , Denmark, will be presenting the Danish ’flexicurity model’ for labour market and social policy
Martin McKee, UK, will be reflecting on the consequences of economic crises and the responses to them for population health

The Bella Centre
Center Boulevard 5
DK-2300 Copenhagen S

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