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12th International Conference on Integrated Care,

29.03.2012 - 31.03.2012 | Republic of San Marino

March 29-30 2012

The International Journal for Integrated Care (IJIC), the International Network of Integrated Care (INIC), the Instituto per la Sicurezza Social San Marino (ISS) and the Julius Center of the University Medical Center Utrecht are hosting the 12th International Conference on Integrated Care:

” Integrated Care on a local level: Cooperation between health and social services in all phases of life”, Republica of San Marino, March 29-30 2012.

The Conference will include sessions which highlight progress, challenges, and opportunities for improving Integrated Care. The oral and poster presentations must be related to the issues and themes of the conference.

The congress will bring together key speakers from around the world to showcase innovations and best practice in the deployment of Integrated Care on a local level and the evidence for the effectiveness. The conference language will be English.

Key themes of the Congress are:
– Integrated Care for the frail elderly in f.i. improving independence, health and wellbeing, housing, social care, medication etc.
– Integrated Care for people with psychiatric disorders
– Integrated Care for cancer patients
– Integrated Care for chronic illness and how to manage long-term chronic illness
– Sustaining innovations in a cold financial climate
– Integrating health and social care services

The audience will comprise experts from health care systems across Europe and beyond with skills and knowledge around the practical application of Integrated Care.

Deadline for the abstracts is 1 October 2011!
The conference welcomes researchers, policy-makers, innovators, managers and practitioners to exchange knowledge, to share experiences and to showcase new ideas, new research and new innovations in Integrated Care. You are invited to present current or latest research results and/or report on the progress and impact of innovative projects. The conference language will be English. The conference committee invites submissions of abstracts for both oral and poster presentations related to the issues and themes of the conference. Read all about the formats, the abstract submission procedure and the reviewing procedure on our website

Partnership opportunities
Integrated care developments are examples of public and private health care providers and services working together to achieve a common aim. The congress seeks to include participation from the independent sector that supplies the hardware and systems to make Integrated Care innovations possible. For more information, please contact Clarine Sies at

For more information about the abstracts procedure, the preliminary programme and the conference visit:

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