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Nordic Seating Symposium

22.05.2012 - 25.05.2012 | Stockholm, Sweden

The Nordic Seating Symposium is held every third year in one of the Nordic countries. In May 2012 the fifth symposium is to be held in Stockholm.

The symposium is addressing physiotherapists, occupational therapists, engineers and everyone with an interest in seating and positioning for people with disabilities.

Before the symposium, May 21 and May 22, you have the opportunity to participate i pre-symposium workshops.

Let us know if you want to participate in the poster exhibition during the symposium. Read more under ”Poster exhibition” in the left column.

The Nordic Seating Symposium is a co-arrangement between The Assistive Technology Center in Iceland, National Resource Centre on Disability, Assistive Technology and Social Psychiatry in Denmark, The Norwegian Labour and Welfare Service (NAV) and The Swedish Institute of Assistive Technology (SIAT).

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