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International Forum on Occupational Health and Safety: Policies, Profiles and Services

20.06.2011 - 23.06.2011 | Espoo, Hanasaari, Finland

In addition, time is reserved for discussing the practical tools for solutions and good practices. Our intention is to come up with recommendations for further actions for more sustainable solutions in the world of work.

Unit responsible: Programme on Safety and Health at Work and the Environment (SAFEWORK)
Subjects: decent work, occupational safety and health, occupational health services

Aims and scope:
The International Forum will strive to respond to Objectives 1 and 3 of the WHO Global Plan of Action on Workers’ Health. At the same time, we will survey the situation of occupational health and safety profiling in different countries, with the aim of responding to the requirements of ILO Convention No. 187 on the Promotional Framework for Occupational Safety and Health. The ultimate goal is to create safe and decent jobs and work environments which are conducive to health and sound productivity.

Who should participate?
Policy- and decision-makers, social partners, occupational health and safety experts, occupational health physicians, occupational health nurses, occupational hygienists, occupational psychologists, trainers, occupational safety and health inspectors, public health experts, and all who work in the development of working conditions.

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